Under Construction! ?>

Under Construction!

I apologize that there wasn’t a new post the other day. I have a good excuse. It was my birthday. I was too busy celebrating to write a decent post and I respect y’all too much to post less than a perfect post up for you to read. With that in mind I have decided to take some time off from writing for various reasons. This is just temporary. I will be back on June 13th with an amazing updated blog….

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Hopping Around Rabbit Island ?>

Hopping Around Rabbit Island

Last week Jeremy and I went to Rabbit Island (Ōkunoshima, Hiroshima Prefecture) with Desirae, Dejay, Stephanie, and Anthony. It’s about 2 hours drive from base. It was a fun ride including when Desirae’s and Dejay’s van decided to eat the toll ticket right as we exited the expressway. It had slipped under the radio. It was an interesting 10 minutes trying to explain what had happened to the three Japanese workers through Google translate. The older female worker was screaming…

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Is This An Evacuation Drill Or Real? ?>

Is This An Evacuation Drill Or Real?

Last week I had to run all over base to finish some errands. It started off meeting with Jessica about figuring out how to better work my camera and getting feed back on my pictures. The meeting went surprisingly fast so I headed to the post office to check the mail.

Our Queens Of Spays ?>

Our Queens Of Spays

A couple of weeks ago y’all got to read about Katniss growing up. We finally made it through the hormones and got Miss Katniss to her vet appointment to be spayed. The day of her appointment she was very calm. She happily got in her carrier and didn’t make a peep until we got to Dr. Fujishima’s office. Dr. Fujishima brought us back right away. He gave her a quick check up and told me to pick her up after…

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Family Fun At A Hanami Festival ?>

Family Fun At A Hanami Festival

One of the things we promised Katniss was that we would take her to see the Sakura (cherry blossoms) when they started blooming. They had started coming out the day before the Byakko Festival. We knew with the rain on Sunday that the blooms would last too long and with Katniss getting fixed on Tuesday, Monday would be our only option to take her. Of course on Monday Jeremy had to work. We decided to wait until he got off…

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We Are Safe! ?>

We Are Safe!

Breaking the normal schedule of when I post to answer the messages I have been receiving since last night. Kumamoto was hit with a 6.4 earthquake last night around 9pm Japan time. Kumamoto is only about 5 or 6 hours from Iwakuni. The area where the earthquake hit received lots of damage. They have started reporting at least 9 people were killed and many were injured. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Thankfully, here in Iwakuni, we weren’t…

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A New Way To Save Money With Groupon ?>

A New Way To Save Money With Groupon

Disclosure: yes this is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine When you move overseas it can be hard to give up your favorite restaurants or favorite stores but thankfully I don’t have to give up my favorite deal site. I have used Groupon for years. Whether it was for movie tickets, gift ideas, restaurants or even trips Groupon has been my go to for savings. I even used their website for wedding stuff! But did you know there is…

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Starting New Traditions At An Old Japanese Festival: Ikachi Tenjin Festival ?>

Starting New Traditions At An Old Japanese Festival: Ikachi Tenjin Festival

Last week Jeremy and I went to a festival with our new friends Stephanie and Anthony. They were moving into our tower and were just as excited to explore Japan as we were. We didn’t know much about this festival as we headed out to it. All we knew was that the highlight of the festival was a decorate cow being paraded down the street. We were up for an adventure. The Ikachi Tenjin Festival was in Yanai City, about…

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Feeling Foxy At The Byakko Festival ?>

Feeling Foxy At The Byakko Festival

The day after I purchased my camera, Jeremy and I traveled down to Yuda Onsen for the Byakko Festival. It was only about two hours from base. The festival is based on a legend that 800 years ago a monk happened to witness an injured white fox dipping his hurt paw into a puddle. When the monk dug into where the puddle was, he unearthed a golden Buddha and a hot spring started to bubble up. The white fox is the symbol of the city.