Head In The Clouds

Happy Halloween! By the time you read this I would have already started on an extremely long three days. Today is Halloween. I will be taking my students trick or treating tonight. I can’t wait to see the kids in their costumes. Jeremy, the cats, and I will be dressing up as well. We are all characters from Supernatural. Jeremy will be Dean, Bagheera is Castiel, Katniss is Amara, and I will be Rowena. I love dressing up and love that I will be a red head again … More Head In The Clouds

A Juicy Jewel Hidden Near MCAS Iwakuni

Since I have been working hard to lose weight, Saori introduced me a great little shop near the back gate of base. It’s a juice bar called Vegetrip. It’s a really cute shop beside Mameka. Vegetrip offers a variety of healthy choices in the way of fresh pressed juices and smoothies. This is something that is unusual to find in Japan, especially in a small town like Iwakuni. It is refreshing to have an option like this and so close to base. The shop is really cute and has a small seating area so you can sit with friends while enjoying your juice. Saori went with me last week to grab a drink before lunch. … More A Juicy Jewel Hidden Near MCAS Iwakuni

Snip Snip Chop Chop

For those of you who haven’t been to Southern Japan, it is humid here. On a good day its 60% humidity but during summer and other warm days it can 80%-90% humidity. With A/C it is tolerable but without it, I am dying. One of the things I have started not being able to stand is my hair on my neck. I have been trying to grow it back out but it is at that awkward stage of most it being long enough to put in a ponytail but there is a decent amount at the bottom that is too short for the ponytail and too short and thick to be clipped up without a ton of hairspray. I have been wanting to change it up. So I decided to chop it all off. … More Snip Snip Chop Chop

The Around The World Scavenger Hunt

A couple of weeks ago someone posted on the Classifieds asking if anyone was going to the Yamaguchi Flea Market and would be willing to pick him up something. Also looking for new stuff to do and willing to help out anyone, I offered to go for him. Turns out Chris was looking for Tsubas. Tsubas are the hand guard part of a Japanese sword. He wanted some of the antique ones that are sold at the flea market. He had been stationed here before and wanted to add to the collection he had started.
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Row Row Row Your Boat

One of the things I have seen often around the Kintai-kyo are the Japanese boats along the shore. I have been wanting take a ride in them for a while but haven’t seen when they would be offering the rides when I was available to do it. Jeremy and I went down to the Kintai one weekend to see a matchlock gun demonstration. We walked all around the area but couldn’t find where the display was going to be. Instead we found the boats and they were getting ready to take people out onto the Nishiki River. Jeremy and I decided to do that instead. … More Row Row Row Your Boat

Catnip And Chill

I have talked often about Katniss and how she is my little blogging buddy. She is usually by my desk or on my chair when I write. If I spend too much time on the computer, she starts poking me to get me to get off the computer. She takes her duties seriously and I appreciate her working with me.
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Playing Dress Up In Iwakuni

November is just around the corner. That means the Marine Corps Ball is coming up soon. Being overseas can make dress hunting a little difficult. Unless you have really good luck buying clothes off the internet your options usually are what you bring with you, what someone is selling on the classifieds, or if you can find something at the thrift store or the dress exchange. My friend, Anneliese, needed something to wear to the ball but wanted to try something different for this year’s ball. She decided she wanted to wear a kimono. … More Playing Dress Up In Iwakuni

Wanna wrassle?

One of the things that has been at the top of my Japanese bucket list is to go see a Sumo event. Normally they are really expensive and far from us so I haven’t gone yet. On October 29th though there will be a sumo event in Hiroshima!!! I can’t wait to go with Jeremy. … More Wanna wrassle?

New Adventures In Same Hiroshima 

One of the great things about being stationed at MCAS Iwakuni is that new people are always arriving. One of the new neighbors in our building is Domenik and her husband, Larry. Last week Domenik and I decided that we needed more Lush in our life. If you don’t know what Lush is, I apologize. Please go to Lush and order a bath bomb ASAP. They are amazing. … More New Adventures In Same Hiroshima