Weighing In

Jeremy comes home this weekend. That means I have been dieting and what not for a month now. It started out easy but I am still on track. I have made some progress, learned some new things, and made some healthy changes. … More Weighing In

Well… Now What To Do?

It is the night before Typhoon/ Tropical Storm Malakas blows in and I have made a grave mistake. I didn’t ration the show I was binge watching while Jeremy was gone and now I have run out of things to watch. I had picked Sex And The City to binge watch. I figured it had enough seasons to keep me going the whole time. It would have been if I didn’t have it playing constantly in the background while I was doing things like school work or blogging or editing photos.
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The Perfect Girls’ Weekend Away

After having a couple of long stressful weeks, Ashley and I decided that we needed a weekend away from base. Since our weekends are crazy we made Monday and Tuesday be our weekend. Thankfully the Hotel & Resort Sunshine Sazan Seto hosted us for our girls’ trip. The resort is located about an hour away on Oshima Island. It is the perfect distance to make you feel like you are from base. With the palm trees surrounding the resort, it is easy to imagine you are on a tropical island. It helped set us up for the relaxation we were seeking. … More The Perfect Girls’ Weekend Away

Busy By Day Bored By Night

Today has been busy, busy, busy, dead. All day I felt like I was running out of time. I didn’t sleep in for once. I actually slept well for the first time in a really long time. I decided to sleep with an eye mask for the first time ever. It was one we got on our Delta flight when we flew out her in June, 2015. The sun rises super early here in Japan. Like 5 am early. Ugh. Because of the way the blinds in my bedroom lay, the sun is in my face by 5:30am. Way too early for me. The eye mask worked wonders. I wasn’t woken up by the sun for the first time since I moved to Japan. Since I slept so well I didn’t hit the snooze button a dozen times. … More Busy By Day Bored By Night

Delightfully Scary Fun Labor Day

Today has been an interesting day to say the least. I went to Hiroshima with some new friends Sam and Jaime (the couple I went to Costco with last week), and their friends Michael and Graham. We wanted to go try out the haunted house that we had been hearing about. It is only going on until September 8th. The Japanese haunted houses are associated more with Obon than Halloween. Today was our only chance to visit it before it closed. This haunted house was located by the Hiroshima Carps stadium.
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Oops and Uh-ohs

Today has been a long day. Ever have one of those mornings where you simply can’t get out of bed? No matter how much you sleep its just not enough? That was today for me. I went to bed pretty late because I had company last night. Some Marines had come over because they had some questions about paranormal stuff. We tried to get Al to talk to use but nothing really happened. They left about midnight and I went to bed about an hour later. I ended up sleeping until noon which I really hate to do because it makes the day feel wasted. … More Oops and Uh-ohs

Small Steps For The Future

Last week when I wrote the post “Bye Bye Fat Girl” it was a way for me to tell myself I was serious about the weight loss this time. I wasn’t expecting the response I got from all of you. So many comments, emails, Facebook messages, and more and all were positives messages. Thank you everyone for all the encouragement and advice. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. The support I feel this time makes me actually believe that I can achieve my goals. … More Small Steps For The Future