I Feel Like An Adult Again

Today was my first day at the Rib House. I actually enjoyed it. It felt great to be actually working again. Yeah I am basically making minimum wage but its something. Plus I am actually feeling productive again. It has been over 18 months since I worked a legitimate job. Yes I know teaching is a job but it is only an hour a week. It feels different to actually go to work and punch a time clock. I feel like an adult again. This base has had me feeling like a child for a while. … More I Feel Like An Adult Again

Bye Bye Fat Girl

I have always been plus size. Before I blamed it on my schedule (no time to cook healthy or work out). I blamed it on it being too expensive to buy healthy stuff all the time. Then I blamed it on Hashimoto’s. Yes I have put on weight because of the Hashimoto’s but I need to be honest with myself and admit that I am a bigger part of the problem than the disease.… More Bye Bye Fat Girl

Change Is In The Air

This past week and this week will be full of changes. Last week Jeremy and I started reorganizing things in our apartment. We threw out a lot of things in our storage unit mainly because we haven’t seen it in a year and half. Now we moving onto to the various closets in the apartment (there are way too many in here).… More Change Is In The Air

Starting To Finally Blossom Into A Business

This past week I have been working hard with trying to get my photography business up and running. I have been promoting as much as possible which it is hard to do on this base. We don’t have a newspaper to advertise in and the Facebook classifieds I am only allowed to advertise once a week. I’m slowly booking clients but some how I think this would be easier if I was stateside. … More Starting To Finally Blossom Into A Business

Why Is Violence The Norm?

After living in Japan for over a year it has been a relief to not have my guard up when we go out. We can go out to a festival and not worry about something happening. Or go to the mall and not worry about gangs getting in to it. If we had kids, I wouldn’t have to worry about them walking to school or being at school. I wish the United States could be more like this. … More Why Is Violence The Norm?

Making Plans And Deals

Last night I booked tickets to fly back home in November. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if it wasn’t for my mom. Well I could save the money between now and then but I probably wouldn’t have gotten such a great deal that I was able to get. I am very grateful that she helped me. Don’t get me wrong. I love Japan but I am really homesick right now. I am looking forward to going home and seeing family again.
More Making Plans And Deals