Channeling My Inner Disney Princess

Growing up I was envious of the Disney Princesses that could talk to animals and play with wild animals. I did’t realize that there was an island about an hour away from Iwakuni that would let me interact with animals. Miyajima Island has wild deer walking around. They walk right up to you and you can pet them. They are so incredibly tame.

While Jeremy and I were walking around we stopped to get some food. He chose squid on a stick and I chose an ear of corn. We didn’t realize that we would chased down and attacked for our food. The deer ran after us and ganged up on use demanding our food. I managed to squeeze myself onto a wall and up against a fence to be able to eat my corn in relative peace. Poor Jeremy though was chased through out the crowd by a buck intent on stealing his squid. The deer even started chewing on his shirt (RIP Charizard shirt).

Once we ran away from the food crazed deer and ate our food, we found a Bengal Cat Cafe and Owl Therapy. The first floor was a gift shop and the Bengal Cat Cafe. I had never seen a Bengal cat before that day but I had seen the owls before when I went with my mom and some friends a few months ago. We decided to go see both the cats and the owls.


In order to play with the cats we had to take our shoes off first and put them in a little cubby space. Then we had to put on rubber slippers to wear into the cat room.


Inside the cat room, we were told to get a drink from the vending machine (this is what made it a cafe). Then we were advised to find a spot to sit on the floor. There were about a dozen kittens. The kittens would either walk up to you or the girl working there would bring one over to you. You can pet the kittens and play with them but you aren’t allowed to pick them up. The kittens were so sweet and playful. I absolutely loved it. Jeremy really enjoyed it as well. We are definitely kitten people.

After playing with the kittens for an hour we went upstairs to the Owl Therapy. Owl Therapy was over a dozen owls that were arranged in a little winding maze. You can pet them on their backs and wings with the back of your hand only. Owls are so much softer than I thought they would be. It was really neat to get up close to them.

After we finished meeting all the owls we snuck past all the deer to get ice cream. We found a vendor that sold ice cream but instead of a waffle cone it was served in spiral piece of sweet bread. It was so delicious. The vendor said to tear the bread off as we ate the ice cream and dip in the melting the ice cream. The bread was warm and with the melting ice cream it was so good. I don’t know if I want to go back to traditional waffle cones.


We ran out of time to see any of the shrines or to see the rest of the island but that is okay. That just means Jeremy and I have another date to plan to go back and explore more. Hopefully next time we can go up and see the torii gate up close instead of from far away.


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  1. Laura Beth says:

    I want to go pet the owls! Wow!

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    1. It was really interesting to pet them. They are a lot softer than I was expecting.


  2. Lovely simply lovely.

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  3. Looks like so much fun! I love that owl that looks like it’s smiling. And I didn’t know deer liked squid! πŸ™‚


  4. A very delightful and thought-provoking post!


  5. This looks amazing! I love owls, cats, AND deer, so this island seems like a dream come true. And whew! That ice cream!

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    1. It’s really a lot of fun to visit! And the ice cream is incredible. I need to go back and get some more. πŸ˜‚


      1. I may just travel 13 hours from Funehiki to Yamaguchi to get it…or I’ll just try and find it here! haha πŸ™‚

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      2. Come down! I can show you around and its only about 20 minutes for Hiroshima. Tons to see there too. ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. If we ever make it down that I will definitely let you know! πŸ™‚ Unfortunately we only get about 2 weeks of vacation a year 😦 – and there are so many places we want to visit!

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      4. I know the feeling. I want to explore Tokyo before we leave.

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      5. Oh, I’d definitely recommend it! We just got back from Tokyo, and I already miss it. There are so many fun things to do here, it’s incredible!

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