Fishing For A Good Time (Osaka & Kyoto Part Two)

On Day Two in Osaka we decided to check out the aquarium. On the way to the metro we stopped off for lunch. We found a cute little shop on a street that looked like Hondori Street. We walked in and we were instantly confused. People were lining up at a machine, punching something in and then going to sit at the bar. We stood at the machine when it was our turn until someone showed us what to do. You put your order into the machine and then it prints out a ticket. You take the ticket to the counter to be served. The food was good and the experience was interesting. … More Fishing For A Good Time (Osaka & Kyoto Part Two)

A Date With Death: Book Review

Woohoo! I am officially half way through my New Year’s Resolution of reading 10 books this year. This latest book I decided to back to my True Crime roots to read a book from. I mentioned back in March 2015 that I know a lot about True Crime. It’s a subject I find fascinating. Recently I fell back in love with True Crime through podcasts and those podcast’ fan clubs on Facebook. In those fan clubs a lot of members like to toss around different books to read about certain crimes. I took that list of books to the library on base to try and find something to read because it is getting frustrating and expensive to keep ordering new books. … More A Date With Death: Book Review

Speeding Off To Adventure (Osaka & Kyoto Part One)

While Mom was here, the three of us went on our biggest trip yet. We decided to go check out Osaka and Kyoto. Osaka has a huge aquarium with whale sharks and Kyoto has been as much of a dream for Mom to visit as it was mine. We used ITT to plan the trip and to make all the travel arrangements. They really made it easy to plan such a trip.
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Pride Over Pity: Book Review

If any of y’all know me in real life, one of my favorite shows is Teen Mom. I feel like I have seen these women and their children grow up over the years. Of course when you watch all the shows and follow their social media, its easy to think that you know them and you know what their stories are. If you keep up with any of the Teen Moms, you’ve probably heard of Kailyn’s drama in her marriage. Up until this season, I sided with her. How could you not? She worked herself up from nothing, is about to graduate college and she is a fellow milso (military significant other) since Javi is in the air force. With the news of her divorce and possibly cheating on Javi, I wanted to know more about her story. On social media Kailyn says that we don’t know her story and that we only see what MTV wants us to see. Well, what better way to see her side of the story than to read her book? … More Pride Over Pity: Book Review

Day Tripping With Mom: Azalea Festival

One of the festivals I wanted to check out while Mom was in town was the Azalea Festival in Hofu City. Back home in North Carolina, Wilmington has an Azalea Festival as well. I thought it would be cool to see how Japan does their azalea festival. I didn’t know if it would a street festival like we had been before or more of a quieter affair like the wisteria tunnels. … More Day Tripping With Mom: Azalea Festival

The HandMaid’s Tale: Book Review

I am still going strong on my New Year’s resolution to read at least 10 books in 2017. I have a feeling that I may exceed my goal a lot sooner than I was expecting. Since the beginning of the year I have finished four books. I have already done a book review for The Girl On The Train. Since then I have read The Unwanted Child by V. C. Andrews, The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, and Pity Over Pride by Kailyn Lowery. I guess you can figure out which book I am reviewing today by the title of this post. … More The HandMaid’s Tale: Book Review

Junaluska: I Tried But Could Not

No. The title of this post isn’t gibberish. It is Tsalami Gawonihisdi or Cherokee language. Tsunulsahunski means “One who tries but fails”. I heard this phrase when looking up the history of Lake Junaluska. My dad and I were trying to figure out the lake’s name meaning while watching a Wounded Warrior Triathlon. Having a Wounded Warrior Triathlon around Lake “I tried but could not”was not a well thought out event. The phrase has stuck with me since then and felt like a fitting title for this post because I tried something but failed.
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